Friday, November 12, 2010

30 till 30: One Week to Go

I'm staring down the last week of my 20s, and I'm very encouraged by seeing how many folks have donated to the 30 till 30 Challenge.

So far we've raised $980 for HEAL Africa ($730 through the site, and another direct donation), and our donations have already helped One Day's Wages (the site hosting the Challenge) surpass their fundraising goal for this worthy organization. I'd love for us to pass $1,000 or even hit $1,500 to help empower women in the Democratic Republic of Congo to be economically independent, allowing them to break generations long cycles of violence and abuse in this war-torn region.

To all those that have already donated, thanks so much for helping me turn what is normally a narcissistic event into a redemptive moment for people who have seen and experienced things we can't even imagine.

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cindie said...

Glad to help and Happy 30th Birthday!