Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Big Reveal

OK, so after a couple weeks of having to sit on this news (although several folks have already found out), I can announce where I'll be moving this summer.

Starting in July I'll begin serving as the pastor of Arlington United Methodist Church in Nashville.

This is very exciting for a number of reasons. Nashville is my hometown, so we'll be closer to my parents, not to mention where Jessica works, so no more 100 mile roundtrip commutes every day!

But there's another reason I'm excited about this appointment. I've actually worshipped at Arlington before:

These photos were taken in February of 1981, when my parents were members of Arlington. I was baptized there by Dr. Glen Phillips, and the church has had a number of amazing pastors in its history, so I have some very large shoes to fill.

This move is also great for us because it has given Jessica and I the opportunity to buy our first home.

We had the inspection done today, and everything looks great. We feel very blessed to have found such a great place for our children to grow up. We'll close in the next few weeks and move in soon after that. Check Jessica's blog soon for the first of what will be many, many posts on our house.

The only sad part, of course, is that I'm leaving the wonderful people of Bethlehem. My four years with them have been great, the last two very eventful and memorable. We'll break ground on our new building on Sunday, which will mark the end of the "fire and recovery" chapter of BUMC's history, so it's a fitting time to end my tenure and let them begin this new chapter with a new pastor.

Thanks to all those who have been inquiring about our next step and praying for us. Before 2011 is out we'll have a new church, a new baby, and a new house. More prayers, please!

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