Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shameless Self Promotion: Audio Edition

Jessica and I are on the latest Ministry Matters podcast discussing why young people leave the church, why they come back. We focus quite a bit on theology, style, and intangibles.

Speaking of podcasts, Arlington UMC continues to podcast our weekly messages. Our Easter Sunday message, "Everything Changes" is the latest episode, which is embedded below.

 If you're so inclined, click on over to our page, (, and check out the series we did during Lent, "How I Saw It", which featured monologues from the perspective of people who encountered Jesus in his earthly ministry. Scott Myrick and Diane Bearden-Enright gave particularly good performances as The Centurion and the Woman Caught in Adultery, respectively.

While I've got your attention, Arlington's new worship experience, The Road, begins this Sunday at 5pm. Check out our Facebook and Twitter feeds for all the latest info, photos, etc.

As always, comments and discussion are highly encouraged.

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