Friday, November 30, 2012

A Saint in the Shadows

I haven't posted lately on the blog because between normal sermon writing, preparations for Advent and Christmas (including Arlington's Advent Devotional, which will be online next week), and a couple of freelance writing projects, I've been producing so many words lately that the quality/quantity ratio is being severely strained, and the creative energy I would normally be putting into this forum has had to be shifted in other directions.

I do want to share my message from All Saints' Day, even though it has been a month since I preached it and several months since the events that I reference.

My uncle Wayne died very suddenly back in June. I haven't talked about it in this forum because it's been hard for our family, and I know several family members who read this blog weren't ready for it to be put out for the whole world to see.

I went out to Arizona to do Wayne's funeral service right after Annual Conference ended. The whole experience was a roller-coaster of emotions, because while we were very sad at the circumstances, we learned a lot of things about Wayne that we never knew that filled us with joy. It turned out that Wayne was a saint who bent over backward to help people in need, but none of us ever knew it because he never sought any attention or recognition.

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