Friday, August 02, 2013

Fantasy Football for Preachers

The NFL returns tonight with the Hall of Fame game. Fans can either spend the next month watching pre-season games to cheer for their favorite players for a couple of series running a small portion of their actual playbook, and the rest of the game for guys who won't even make the practice squad, or they can invest way too much time and energy into preparing for their fantasy draft.

Which one do you think I'm doing?

Workin on Sundays is a Fantasy Football league for pastors, lay staffers, or anyone else who might be guilty of glancing at their phone to see how their matchup is going during the sermon. Bonus points if you're doing it while you're preaching!

Shoot me an email or message me on Facebook for the password. This league is for entertainment purposes only. No money or prizes will be exchanged. Only lovingly brutal Christian smack-talk and bragging rights.

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Yer said...

I love it, fantasy football is for anyone who enjoys football and having a good time. I like to see people break down the notion that you have to be a football freak to be in fantasy football. The best part of it is the fellowship with friends. Fantasy Football