Saturday, December 10, 2011

2012 Return, Link, etc.

Between a new baby at home (the adventures of whom you can follow on Jessica's blog) and Advent/Christmas preparations at Arlington UMC (check out the church's webpage for Christmas service times if you're in the Nashville area), I haven't had a whole lot of time to put together fully formed blog posts. After feeling guilty about this for a while, I just decided to accept my limitations and let it slide for the rest of the year.

The Truth As Best I Know It will return in 2012, when I'm sure I'll be having lots of thoughts about the Presidential race, the sure to be many "end of the world" predictions, Claire being baptized in the same church as her dad, and maybe even a theological/spiritual thought or two.

I know most of the readers of this site (hi Mom!) enjoyed the Project Israel series I did earlier this year, and my friend and colleague Rev. Jill Howard and her husband, Corey, are leading a Holy Land pilgrimage right now and blogging about their experiences. Their site is called Memorial UMC in the Holy Land, and it's a great look at the settings of the biblical narratives, particularly at this time of year. Check it out.

See you in 2012!