Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Podcast- Episode 2

The Truth As Best I Know It Podcast Episode 2: Baptism is live online now. Thanks to the folks at Podbean for hosting the podcast.

You can also find us on iTunes.

Enjoy the episode and feel free to post comments on this blog.


Chris said...

On a side note about baptism in the UMC as it relates to members of the Latter-Day Saints church: in 2000, General Conference passed a resolution calling for UMC pastors to baptize former Mormons who seek to enter membership in our churches, following a period of catechesis. You can find the accompanying study materials here on the GBOD web site:

Andrew said...

Hi Matthew -

I found your podcast not too long ago, after visiting a UMC in my city and finding that the services spoke to my soul.

I'm a Mormon - born and raised. To answer your questions about Mormon baptism, Mormons baptize "in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost" (God the Father, Jesus Christ, and, well, the Holy Ghost).

As you correctly mentioned, Mormonism is a non-Trinitarian faith, so Mormons believe that the three individuals above are separate, distinct, and coequal members of the Godhead.

I know I'm about a year and a half late to the party, but I just heard episode 2 the other day.

Keep up the good work!