Thursday, April 23, 2009

Podcast- Episode 3

A new episode of The Truth As Best I Know It Podcast is now online.

In Episode 3, Matt responds to Maxie Dunnam’s objections to proposed changes in the Constitution of the United Methodist Church dealing with issues of inclusivity.

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The full version of the video excerpted in the podcast

The General Conference record of the amendment legislation in question.

A list of the amendments being voted on at this year's Annual Conferences.

More info on un-Christian


Luke said...

Check out Bishop Scott Jones' video reply here: He addresses the same issues.

Jason Sansbury said...

I find it interesting the whole issue.
One, repeatedly over and over again the General Conference has been asked to deal with the issue of homosexuality and over and over again it has steadfastly held the same position.
So when Rev. Dunnam breaks down how some people are in favor of the amendment in question because of how it will be used by some group tactically to undo what the General Conference has affirmed, I don't understand how that is seen as underhanded or an issue. Consistently, over and over again, Methodism has been clear in its votes and people have continued to undermine that clarity. I don't find it wrong that he is communicating some consequences that could happen and I find it interesting that the podcast doesn't seem to be clear in proving why he is wrong on what those things could be.