Saturday, July 11, 2009

Out until the 19th

I will be in Costa Rica until July 19th.

I'm going as part of a mission team of United Methodists from the Clarksville area to work on making structural improvements to the orphanage run by the United Methodist Church just outside of San Jose. We'll be staying at the seminary in San Jose while we do our work.

I'm very much looking forward to this mission trip, because in the past few years I haven't found mission experiences to be as fulfilling as I used to. I think it's largely because I've been in charge on these trips, and the burdens of leadership have hindered me from experiencing these trips as times of spiritual renewal. I'm merely a participant on this trip, so I'm looking forward to a time of refreshment and renewal (physically, however, I'll be exhausted when I get back).

Please pray for safe travels and blessings for our mission team. I'll share pictures and stories when I return. Until then, blessings to you all on wherever your journey leads you.

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