Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mixed Feelings

It appears that Gordon Hayward is going to test the NBA waters after all.

As a Butler alum and fan, I have mixed feelings.

On one hand, I want to see him come back next year and finish the job, winning a national title for the Bulldogs.

On the other, I understand the allure of NBA money (even though there's no way he'll get picked as high as Kentucky one-and-dones John Wall and Demarcus Cousins), especially in light of the potential NBA lockout (again? really? especially at the same time the NFL may have one because you guys are all so darn greedy?).

The silver lining is that Hayward hasn't hired an agent, which means he could return to the college ranks. I feel horrible hoping that he will be disappointed with his short-term professional prospects, but his presence and leadership are so crucial to the Dawgs success next year.

I am not a big NBA fan, but I guarantee that whenever Gordon Hayward gets a place on an NBA roster, they will automatically become my favorite team in the Association. I'd love to see a professional player who understands the team concept, and who doesn't have any neck tats.

Please, Gordon, for the love of God, don't get any ink on your neck...

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