Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lasting Images

I'll get back to posting about religious issues soon enough, but I though I'd share a couple of my favorite images from Butler's run in the NCAA tournament.

"Air Gordon" Hayward blocks a dunk attempt by UTEP guard Randy Culpepper in the Bulldog's opening round game in San Jose.

Butler's mascot, Blue II, chews on a huge bone

Coach Stevens and the players celebrate beating Kansas State for a trip back to Indy for the Final Four (I think there were some flying hip bumps going on here)

The final verdict? Duke wins the title, Butler wins America's hearts.

And they stand a darn good chance of winning the title next year, since they've given Coach Stevens the payday he deserves.

Now hopefully Gordon Hayward makes the right decision and stays in school. David Letterman put it well: "they have guns in the locker rooms in the NBA. Don't let him go!"

Go Dawgs!!!

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Jill said...

Where did that cute trophy pic come from?! I might have to steal that.... :)