Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jon Stewart on Fox News Sunday

Jon Stewart was on Fox News Sunday this morning, and the interview blew my mind.

What's hilarious is that Chris Wallace does not get that The Daily Show is a comedy show. It seems like he and the Fox News take themselves so seriously that they can't conceive of anybody not playing the exact same game. So since Stewart lampoons them on a nightly basis, he must have as militantly a partisan agenda as they do.

They don't get the joke.

The only analogous situation I can think of is evangelical Christians who rant and rave about the "homosexual agenda", insisting that people of other sexual orientations are out to convert others to their way of life. That's what they do, after all, and they assume everyone else is playing the same game.

What if people who disagree with us or are just wired differently than us aren't at war with us? What if the majority of people in the world don't have a "kill or be killed" mentality about everything? What if it actually is possible to respectfully disagree, peacefully coexist, and perhaps even have our horizons broadened by those who are different?

The sooner Fox News and the establishment they represent ponder those kinds of questions, the sooner they stand a chance of actually being "fair and balanced".


Mike Weaver said...

Hi, Matt! I just watched this snippet, and as a "evangelical" UM who often watches Fox News, I must say I was rather disappointed by Chris' interview with Jon S, especially since Wallace was so firm with Pawlenty last week. While I'm sure Wallace clearly understands that Stewart is primarily an entertainer, I think he missed the boat by focusing too much on Stewart's show and not enough on the general (and specific) liberal bias in the mainstream media and particularly the other cable news outlets. I rarely watch Fox for anything other than the main news shows (Special Report, FN Sunday, mostly), and it's clear to me that Fox has lurched to the right far more than to my comfort, but that does not excuse all the other outlets from doing the same, as if in response! I was glad that Stewart and Wallace went at it, and I think the attempt suggests that there is more willingness for folks to engage around these issues. I just think the interview missed its potential.

Llama Lady said...

Really and honestly curious, because I am unfamiliar with the term: what does an "evangelical" UM believe that is different from Wesley's doctrine?

Will Campbell said...

Actually, it is not just a comedy show, and Stewart says as much in this interview as he says he is not just a comedian, but is very much influenced by an ideology. I think the interview is a good one not because I agree with FoxNews, but because every person who uses the camera has influence, and should be available to answer questions from a side from which they don't normally speak. Indeed, even Stewart says he is not saying there is not a liberal bias in the media. I applaud him for doing this interview, and think we underestimate Wallace's acumen if we really think he doesn't get Jon Stewart. Perhaps he does, and simply brings a different viewpoint to his valid analysis?