Monday, June 06, 2011

Liminal Space

Yesterday was my last Sunday at Bethlehem, and so my renewal leave begins today. As I mentioned before, I'm going to be reading through Julian of Norwich's Revelation of Divine Love.

The other day when I was working out a reading schedule, I realized that Dame Julian had pretty much made it for me. Beginning today, taking Sundays off, and ending on June 27, which is the day before the official Conference "moving day", I have seventeen days to read. Julian's revelation is documented in sixteen showings, so I've decided to do one per day, reading the translator's introduction today. I'll try to do a post about what I'm reading most days, but Annual Conference and some other activities may interfere with my ability to post each day.

If you have the book and are so inclined, read along with me and post your thoughts in the comments. I'll post later tonight after I've read M.L. del Mastro's (the translator) introduction.

Also, you have a few more hours to get in the drawing to tell me how to wear my facial hair for the next two weeks. So far the only entrants are me and my father-in-law. Make a donation to One Day's Wages partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects in Ethiopia, and you'll be in the drawing, which will take place at 3 this afternoon. The winner and the pictures of their prize will be announced this evening.

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