Thursday, December 20, 2007

A little fun with titles

I recently recieved an email from some folks at the United Methodist Publishing House, and one of the projects they're working on is a study Bible with a Wesleyan theme. It sounds like a pretty cool project, but they're having trouble coming up with a title. The ones they're kicking around right now include: The Wesley Study Bible, The Wesley Life Study Bible, The Wesley Abundant Life Bible, and The Wesley Intentional Life Bible.

While I'm sure these are fine titles, I think we in the blogosphere can do better. I'll offer up a few suggestions of my own, and I want readers to offer their suggestions as well. Bonus points for coming up with the most obscure/humorous titles from Wesley's writings and sermons. Here are a few examples:

The Scripture Way of Salvation Study Bible

The Reasonable Enthusiast Study Bible

The Circumcision of the Heart Study Bible

The Study Bible that will Strangely Warm Your Heart

And finally, a not exactly Wesleyan entry: The Wesleyan Best Life Now Study Bible, with special guest editor Joel Osteen.

Alright, your turn. The best entry wins... a sentence or two of praise on my blog. And who wouldn't want that? Let's hear your suggestions.


Anonymous said...

The Apportionment-Driven Life Bible

B Smith said...

The Totally Depraved Sinner Bible

Andrew Conard said...

On the Way to a Sanctified Life Bible

WICK said...

The Holy Club Bible

The Methodical Study Bible

The Wesley Covenant Study Bible

The "Savannah was Rough" Study Bible


Dan said...

The Duty of Constant Bible Study Study Bible

Taylor W Burton Edwards said...

The Moving on to Perfection Study Bible