Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vicarious Live-Blogging Moltmann

As I said before, I'm not live blogging the Moltmann Conversation (this post doesn't count). I need time to process my thoughts, so I'm taking notes and I'll post reflections when I have time to digest them.

There are, however, a number of folks who are live blogging the event and providing some interesting and insightful commentary.

I'm posting them for the benefit both of those who are here and those who wish they were and want to know what is happening:

Brian Paulson (pastor of Libertyville First Presbyterian, where the Moltmann Conversation is taking place)

PomoRev (Frank Emmanuel)

Anyul Rivas (written in Spanish)

I'll link more folks as I find them


One of Freedom said...

I'll probably blog tonight, but I'm doing the requisite micro-blogging like the rest of you.

Anyul said...

thanks a lot! I tried to recover all the quotes about the conversationon twitter, but it's impossible now.