Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some Hope on a Sad Day

Forty seven years ago today, one of the greatest preachers of all time gave perhaps the greatest sermon in the English language. The best part is that the last, most famous section of "I Have a Dream" was unscripted. King had used the phrase before, but it took on a life of its own on this day.

Sadly, today on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Glen Beck, Sarah Palin and others are holding a blasphemous rally in an attempt to hijack the legacy of Dr. King. I'm not watching it, because as you can probably tell, I already have too much fuel for the judgmental spirit that too often takes over me.

Intstead, I'm feeding my soul with something more positive today. I hope you'll join me in turning off the cable news and spend a few minutes soaking in the words of a true prophet.

It doesn't matter if you've never seen this before or if you've seen it hundreds of times. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s words never fail to inspire.

Amen, Dr. King. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Thanks bro for the positives!

Peace and Love.

Anonymous said...

I consider it a sad day too and have not watched anything on television about what's happening. I undesratand something of what you say- these particular people bring out the worst in me. I'm aware of it, I know it, so I reclude myself to some extent.

I watched the March on Washington, and this speech, by myself in the family living room when I was 13 years old. My mother had seen MLK speak in a forum at Notre Dame U. several years before, and so we had been something of his fans since then, though we didn't know- couldn't have known- the depths and the numbers to which he was speaking. I am thankful for that black&white, 21" memory.

As a pastor, in the South, I bet we've experienced some of the same great discouragements I have over the past several years. These 'conservatives' can say its not about race all they want, but I've heard the word 'ni...", beginning on the night of the democratic primaries- at the democratic voting precinct, more in these past few years than I had in the previous 20.
It feels sometimes as if I have been preaching top the wind for tall the difference it has made.
So I preach and teach for the remnant, which I guess is all we can do- all we were asked to do.

So, blessings on those lonely times you must feel too..
David Weber

Unknown said...

Thanks, David. Your encouragement means more than I can adequately express

Anonymous said...

sorry for a tremendous number of spelling errors in that! That's the problem of working off of an iphone..

Cindie said...

This really saddens me that you feel this way about the rally. It was not a political rally but rather a rally to restore honor to this lost country of ours as well as hope and charity. But the biggest reason for this rally was to honor fallen special operation soldiers and to raise money for their families. After all, they are the reason you have the freedom to freely write this blog. As you well know, I am the wife of a retired special operation soldier and am very proud to be one. I wish I could personally thank Glen Beck for the $5,500,000 he raised for this organization today.