Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Pope and the Queen

Pope Benedict XVI (who will always be Joey Ratzinger to me) began a historic state visit to the UK today. There's been lots of media coverage, but no one seems to have noticed an interesting exchange they had as they were standing together observing the adoring crowds.

Apparently Her Royal Highness and His Holiness are trying to one up each other with demonstrations of who can sway a crowd better. "Watch this, Joe," says Her Majesty. "With a wave of my hand I can make all the Brits cheer and go crazy." So she stands up, waves (elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist), and of course, all the Brits cheer and go crazy.

"Ah, zat is nothing," His Holiness says, in a very bad German accent. "Vit a nod of mein head, I can make all the Irish people scream, cheer, and talk about it for ze rest of their lives!" So Benedict stands up, smoothes his cassock, and head-butts the Queen.

Why the mainstream media hasn't reported this, I have no idea.

If you thought the preceding joke was stupid, blame Lisa Maniker-Hewitt for making it part of one of my favorite high school memories ;) If you really want to know why, ask nicely.

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Lisa Hewitt said...

I have so many comments right now...I love how the tag is "stupid joke". When I saw that, I just had to giggle again. This is one of my favorite memories, too, and I'd just like to say that it is NOT how the joke ends. You should tell is the 'real' way, Matt! :) Also, I think it's great that you not only "credited" Lisa Maniker-Hewitt, but that you linked to the FB "We Love Lisa Maniker" page. You have definitely made me laugh this evening--and through high school and the past twelve years! YAY. Except...ick, can you believe I've been out of high school for TWELVE years??!?!? I nearly said ten and then realized it has been longer. I only wish that Jessica had been in our high school, too, so I could have spent more time with her. Now, I am off a tangent...back to the original topic...the joke did NOT end with a head butt.