Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Shameless Self Promotion- Chuck Knows Church edition

Easter is right around the corner, and our friends at Chuck Knows Church have produced an amazing short film, Resurrection, that would be a great addition to your worship service if it includes video, or just to share with your family, friends, and congregation.

It shows how Christians get so hung up on Jesus' death and forget that the core of our faith is Jesus' Resurrection, and that it brings us joy! WE ARE EASTER PEOPLE!!!

OK, yes, the first and last parts of this film were filmed in my church, and got to I play the pastor (I've never had to stretch more as an actor), but my obvious bias aside, this is pretty darn good.

If you're not familiar with Chuck Knows Church, it's a web series where the main character, Chuck (an actor named Josh Childs who is as friendly as he seems on camera), talks to the camera and explains quirky things we do in church like liturgical colors, different holidays, the funny stuff clergy wear, etc.

Happy Easter, Easter people.

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