Monday, October 13, 2008

"Muddy Water" exclusive premiere!

OK, not really. It premiered on CMT a few days ago, but that's beside the point. This is the country music video that was shot at my congregation in Clarksville about a month ago. Everything is on location at and around Bethlehem, including the creek where we've baptized a number of people. We're really proud of how it turned out. Thanks again to Trace Adkins and everyone involved in the production!

Here are some photos from the day of the shoot. I would have posted them earlier, but I had to promise the producers we'd wait until the video was done.

Shooting Trace performing the song by the creek.

Stephen Baldwin heading into the creek for the baptism scene amidst a congregation of extras (and the boom guy).

Stephen and the actor playing the pastor doing the baptism scene. I spent the better part of an hour coaching them on how to do a realistic looking immersion baptism, so that's my handiwork in the video!

Trace, me, and Stephen at the end of a very long day on set. 5am to 11:30pm!


B Smith said...

A Methodist preacher teaching them how to do a immersion baptism. LOL

Anonymous said...

whooooaaaa this is pretty awesome!!!

Carl said...

Yo, "b"...why is that funny? There are Methodist churches that Baptize by immersion.

Anyway, I saw the video on CMT recently and found it to be a powerful and moving video. I give it a BIG thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving the account of scenes behind the filming of this wonderful video. I had seen it and heard the song but didn't know where it was filmed. People will watch this video and hopefully it will be a witness tool in bringing souls to God. Amen. In Christian Love, Rexine Pigg, Pulaski District