Monday, May 02, 2011

400 Years of the KJV

On May 2, 1611, the King James Version of the Bible made its debut. To mark the 400th anniversary of this still highly influential translation, the folks at YouVersion put together a kind of virtual flashmob, where everyone who signed up was given one chapter to read at noon EDT. So many people signed up that the entire KJV was read over eight times this afternoon!

I was assigned Joel 1, and here's my contribution.

What about ye, dear reader? Didst thou participate in reading ye ol' KVJ today? Hast thou a favorite passage using the King's English?

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Alan said...

I know people laugh at the language in the KJV, but I was raised on that version. I go to a church now that uses the NIV, and I'm still not completely comfortable with it. I hope the KJV is still going strong for another 400 years. Thanks for your words. God bless you.