Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Renewal Leave Update

I'm still pondering what my "project" will be during my renewal leave. I had given thought to working through the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, but my friend Brian reminded me that doing the exercises really requires doing them with a spiritual director, and the only people who really make it through them in 30 days are Jesuits on the "long retreat", and they're doing nothing else. So that's too ambitious.

What I'm leaning toward is a very intentional reading of some book, perhaps just a chapter or two a day, and blogging about my reactions each day. That sounds much more manageable given that Annual Conference and the Wild Goose Festival are happening during June.

The question now is, what book? It could be something academic in nature, but not so abstract as to have no relevance to anyone not familiar with seminary-speak. But it should be meaty enough that it deals with real questions. Anyone recommending a Joel Osteen book is permanently banned from this blog!

So I look to you, dear reader, for advice. What book would you like to see me blog through during my renewal leave?

While you're thinking about that, also remember that you have a chance to decide what facial hair configuration I will have during the first part of my leave. Click above to make a donation to Eden Reforestation Projects in Ethiopia, and you'll be part of the June 6 drawing where the winner gets to tell me if and how to shave my beard. Currently, my father-in-law has a 71% chance of winning, so let's make this a little more competitive!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Matt
Might I suggest a book that was published late last year by John van de Larr, entitled "The Hour that Changes Everything. I used it with a group of friends during Lent and we all found it challenging and stimulating.
John, maintains a Web site that goes under the name of "Sacredise".
John R. England