Saturday, May 28, 2011

Back Online

After a rather chaotic week moving from the Bethlehem parsonage to our new house in Nashville, I'm back  in the swing of things.

You have a little more than a week to enter the drawing to get to tell me how to configure my facial hair during my renewal leave in June. Make a donation to One Day's Wages' campaign to plant trees in Ethiopia, creating jobs and restoring the environment, and you'll be in the drawing. So far only I and my father-in-law are in. Let's make this interesting!

Speaking of my renewal leave, I've decided what book I'll be meditating/blogging my way through. Although many folks made some great suggestions, I ultimately decided what to read while making my way through Michael Mott's mammoth biography, The Seven Mountains of Thomas Merton. I'm currently at the point in the early 60s where Merton is spending more and more time in his hermitage and growing in his anti-war activism and in his frustration with his monastic superiors.

At this point in his life, Merton was growing in his appreciation for the 14th century English mystic, Dame Julian of Norwich, so during my renewal leave I'll be reading Julian's Revelations of Divine Love (Paraclete Essentials). I read part of this text years ago in a class on mysticism in college, but I was doing so academically, and this time I'll be doing so meditatively and prayerfully.

I'll be posting a reading schedule soon, and I'll be posting regular updates as I go through the book, so feel free to join in!


SpeasHill said...

We read it in History of Christian Thought, so I think we actually have 2 copies of it if you want one. Just let me know! It's bloody (okay, in a few parts), but wonderful, and we read it with Roberta Bondi, who makes everything simultaneously academic AND meditative.

Unknown said...

I have a copy, but thanks! We're excited to hang out with you guys tomorrow!